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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Next March 30, an outstanding exhibition will be presented in Buenos Aires: “Bye bye American pie”. In the Latin American Modern Art Museum (MALBA, 3415 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue), you’ll enjoy the work of six stars of USA art circuit on the fall of the American empire. The exhibition is curated by Canadian Philip Larratt-Smith introduces more than 110 works by such artists as: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Jenny Holzer, Bárbara Kruger and Paul McCarthy.

The concept behind “Bye bye…” is to face the spectators with the decadence of the American empire, its way of life, the addiction to drugs, the suffering of artists in the middle of a never-ending state of war as a political system and the exhibition of the decay. The works reflect the universe of subcultures, the psychological aspects of the American culture, the end of the celebration which began in the 60’s.

In the works of “Bye bye…” you can appreciate the gradual decadence of USA, not only in its economic and political hegemony, but also as a culture and ideal. Some other themes which go through the works are the loss of innocence of the new generations and the failure of an idea of coherence and trust of the so called “American way”. These artists inherit Warhol’s capacity to expose the best and worst of the American society.

From March 30 until June 4, a great exhibition you can enjoy if visiting Buenos Aires these autumn.

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