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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A beautiful walk by Arroyo Street in Buenos Aires City is what “Ayres de Arte” offers. For lovers of cultural tourism, this is a must. It all starts at the Spanish-American Art Museum Isaac Fernández Blanco (1422 Suipacha Street). This museum is located just 10 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. The first option is a quick visit to the museum followed by a small introduction of the beauties you’ll get to see on Arroyo Street.

The street passes through some of the most exclusives sites of Buenos Aires, from Esmeralda to Carlos Pellegrini (2 blocks). The area has an outstanding architecture, which you’ll know through the speech of a prepared guide. In Arroyo you will also visit several antiques stores and art galleries.

Some other sightsees of this 90 minutes-walk are: the French Embassy, the Memorial Park for the Israeli Embassy victims, an Art Deco hotel and the iron statue which replicates the Nike of Samothrace (brought from Italy in 1920). Every Wednesday and Friday from 3.30PM to 5PM you can take this wonderful tour which costs 10 Argentine pesos (2 American dollars).

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