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Monday, April 9, 2012


One of the most famous world icons of sculpture is the New York’s Statue of Liberty (1886). Few people could imagine that the American colossus has an antecedent in Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires statue of liberty was made by the same French sculpture (Fréderic Bartholdi) 12 years ago the installation of the giant of New York. Hostel Colonial brings you the curious history of a Porteño hidden treasure.

Our version of the statue is located near the corner of La Pampa and Arribeños streets, in Belgrano neighborhood. The Argentine version is a small replica (almost 3 meters tall), also made of bronze and donated by a former Belgrano neighbor in 1874. As Buenos Aires aspired to be the South American Paris, many high class Argentines used to travel to the French capital to acquire different object to ornament its neighborhoods.

At the feet of the Buenos Aires statue you will see the signature of the French sculptor Bartholdi plus the legend: “Fondu por Le Val D´Osne 68, 8 rue Voltaire, Paris”, which is the address of the artist.

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