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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This winter holidays in Buenos Aires offers lots of cultural, sport and artistic options for you to enjoy. Until July 28th, you can enjoy free and low cost shows as: theater, guided visits for children, puppet shows, circus, artistic activities and walks through our city. Among the many things you can do, Hostel Colonial recommends you these ones.

Vuelta Canela. In Centro Cultural Recoleta (1930 Junin Street), a mix of theater and music full of rhythms, games, histories and surprises for everyone.

Divertitango. It’s a tango show with musicians, actor-dancers and a singer who narrates the history of Porteño music.

Colores de América (Colors of America). A spectacle base in folkloric Latin American dances.

Circo Invento, buscando al amigo ideal (Circus Invention, looking for the ideal friend). A scientist and a doctor get together to create the ideal friend.

Concert for orchestra and ballet on the run. A spectacle based on “The Carnival of Animals”, by Camille and “Orchestra guide for the youngsters” by Benjamin Britten.

Graduate Ballroom in the Colón Theater. Solo artists and main figures of our great lyrical theater dance different famous pieces.

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