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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


An amazing shot by photographer Aldo Sessa is the new mural which decorates the Edificio del Plata (Del Plata Building), two blocks away from the Obelisco. Since 2008, the Buenos Aires City Government places different forms of art in the front of this great building on 9 de Julio Avenue. The millions of people who circulate through this main avenue everyday can enjoy during this months a tango inspired picture by local genius Aldo Sessa.

The shot has been enlarged to fit the 88 x 34 meters mural. The idea is to link this mural to the Tango World Cup and Festival which is taking place in Buenos Aires. The name of the work is “Tango, el cerrojo del amor” (Tango, the lock of love). It depicts a couple dancing tango, in the most provocative embrace which represents the essence of tango: passion.

This large scale urban intervention of the public space represents a challenge for the artist (who sees new details of his work in the larger scale) and the digital technology which creates and supports it. The Edificio del Plata is located in 211 Carlos Pellegrini Street. This place used to work a food and vegetable market. It opened in 1962 and closed in the eighties, when it became part of the administration of Buenos Aires City Government.

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