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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Tomorrow starts the seventh edition of the Buenos Aires Contemporary Dance Festival. Until Monday 8th, you can enjoy a great meeting to see, dance and think about dance. The festival is conceived as a space to show a contemporary profile of this city. There will be special spaces designed to watch, improvise, think and listen the dance from different points of view to capture its complexity.

The new dance paradigm proposes us as main characters of the artistic situations, even as “the audience”. In this festival, dance fusions with other types of art, technology and new experiences turning into something new and different. The idea is to bring the audience closer to dance manifestations. If you like to dance, you will find many spaces and workshop to experiment. If you like to watch, you will discover the creativity of our choreographers and dancers.

BA Contemporary Dance offers a bit of the rich diversity and offer of our city. Besides that, there is the “Repatriates” section, which will show the work of Argentines dancing and choreographing around the world. The cross between dance and clothing, dance and visual arts, dance and architecture, is also a privileged area. Finally, you get the chance to enjoy different styles from contact to hip hop, from contemporary to experimental.

More information on the BA Contemporary Dance Festival website (available only in Spanish).

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