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Monday, October 8, 2012


Today, Monday October 8, we celebrate the Day of Respect to the Cultural Diversity. The original holiday in October 12 used to commemorate the day Columbus arrived to the American Continent but in 2010, our country decided to give a new meaning to this day. The idea is to celebrate the ethnical and cultural diversity which define our country and the Latin American region.

In the past, the historical moment when Columbus arrived to America in 1492 was remembered as the Race Day or the Day of the Encounter of Two Worlds. In order to respect the history and tradition of the original inhabitants of this continent, Argentina chose to set a new name and meaning for it. The idea of a division of humanity in races has no scientific validation nowadays and only favors racist arguments. That’s why cultural diversity is a much better concept.
It’s a day for historical reflection and intercultural dialogue. It’s an opportunity to value the diversity of local culture, including: the original inhabitants of South America (the indigenous cultures), the European immigrants (mostly Italian and Spanish) and the afro-descendants. The objective of this commemoration is clear: to be proud of our multicultural roots in order to build a better future. Join us in the celebration!

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