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Monday, November 5, 2012


Buenos Aires City Government is implementing a new way of travelling through the city: the Metrobus. It consists of special bus lanes in the main avenues which shorten the time of the travel. The system was successfully proved on Juan B. Justo Avenue (between Liniers and Palermo neighborhoods) and now is planned for new areas of our city. One of particular touristic relevance is on 9 de Julio Avenue.

The trip through our main avenue will be implemented on 2013 and will circulate in the central lanes of the widest avenue in Latin America. The buses will go from Arroyo Street (in the French Embassy) to San Juan Avenue in the south. An easy way to visit several sightsees at once (the Colón Theater, the Obelisco, the Avenue itself) and to get closer to others (Plaza de Mayo, the Congress, San Telmo neighborhood).

The Colon Theater stop (Tucumán Street and 9 de Julio Avenue) will be only four blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. The project also contemplates to eradicate the bus circulation on Downtown Buenos Aires, which ensures less noise and less traffic in our area. A cleaner and pedestrian Downtown is the objective of a major plan of sustainable traffic circulation in which the Metrobus is included.

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