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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As every month, the San Martin Theater (1530 Corrientes Avenue) presents the cycle “Music at noon”. This month, the DJ in charge is Rubin, a local indie composer. The proposal is to make a stop during your lunch break (or to rest after a long walk through Downtown Buenos Aires) to hear good music. During the Tuesdays to Fridays of November, from 1PM to 2PM, in the Central Hall of the Theater, you will be able to enjoy this selection:

Wednesday 7
Apreciattion Workshop on Burt Bacharach

Friday 9
The Sixties (UK)

Tuesday 13
Soul Man II

Wednesday 14
The Sixties, again (US)

Thursday 15
Folk or Not

Friday 16
Glam Slam

Tuesday 20
Punk or New Wave?

Wednesday 21
Girls just wanna have fun

Thursday 22
Prince vs. Talking Heads

Friday 23
The amphetamine ‘80

Tuesday 27
We used to be so Brit (some nineties)

Wednesday 28
Cover Songs

Thursday 29
Spanish pop

Friday 30
Whatever I want

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