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Monday, November 12, 2012


Tomorrow’s the Argentine version of Friday the 13th. As in many Latin cultures, Tuesday the 13th, is the day people relates to bad luck and scary moments. A famous saying remembers: “Tuesday the 13th, do not marry, do not board on a ship”. Although in these days, everybody tends to joke about this date, many people are actually superstitious and try to avoid any sign of bad luck as crossing a black cat, passing below a ladder o waking up on the wrong foot.

In all Latin America, Spain, Greece and other countries, this day is a different day. It’s one of those topics that everybody has to talk, joke or worry about. There are those who even try to take advantage of this day by betting on number 13 in local lotto. Experts say that Latin people have chosen the Tuesday because on such a day Constantinople fell (in May 29th, 1453). Others say that on a Tuesday 13 the languages split on the Babel Tower.

So, no matter if you are superstitious or not, if you believe in bad luck or not, if you are visiting Buenos Aires during a Tuesday the 13th, know that everybody might be acting funny around you.

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