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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


One of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires is Barracas. Located south of the city, this place preserves many historical patrimony jewels. One of the most famous ones is the Colonia Solá, a private neighborhood once built for railroad workers. Located in 2700 Australia Street, it covers 8.300 m2 with a marvelous British styled architecture. Since the year 2000, this area has become architectural patrimony of Buenos Aires City.

Some years after the construction of this neighborhood (1889) by the British company “South Railways”, the workers bought the piece of land to the company and organized a cooperative. When the “South Railways” left the country, the place was practically abandoned as the Solá Stations was closed. Nevertheless, the workers and their descendants managed to keep the original charm of the architecture.

The original project came from England and the design and setting of the houses was inspired in traditional English neighborhood as the ones you can see in East End London or in some old railroad neighborhoods in Liverpool. There are 16 two-storey houses built with wood carpentry and Normand style tiled roofs. All the houses surround an intern patio which had communal baths.

After many restorations, the houses keep the original style but have improved the insides. Nowadays there are 90 families living in Colonia Solá.

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