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Monday, January 21, 2013


Buenos Aires has many different architectural projects to make the city a more beautiful place. One of them is the eco green wall that is going to be built in the side of the District Attorney Building on Paseo Colón Street. The idea belongs to a local studio and has the objective to improve the building while giving the city a green view from the highway that leads south of Buenos Aires.

These so-called vertical gardens are a world tendency. The García-Balza & González studio said: “We didn’t want to make another large sign, a big advertisement for the City Government, so we thought of an alternative to avoid visual pollution and to improve the environment at the same time”.

The vertical garden will have 500 square meters; its structure will be light and its construction fast. It will be easy to maintain, with hydroponic watering through aluminum profiles. The green cover will show many local species in order to preserve our flora and to make it easy for the plants to adapt the urban environment.

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