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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This summer, you can enjoy two great dance shows in Parque Centenario Amphitheater (Leopoldo Marechal Street and Lillo Avenue). The cycle “Dance in Parque Centenario” offers the spectacles of the Brenda Angiel Company and a play by the San Martín Theater ballet (directed by famous choreographer Mauricio Wainrot). You can see an all-times classic revisited and a new avant-garde proposal.

The show of San Martín Theater Ballet, “Las 8 estaciones” (The Eight Seasons) is on February 21st at 8.30PM and the Brenda Angiel Company show, “Air Condition” is on February 22nd at 8.30PM. You can get to the Parque Centenario on the B Line of the subway, Ángel Gallardo Station. The B Line is only 2 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial.

The eight seasons
This choreographic play is a cyclical trip split in 16 movements mixing classical baroque Vivaldi’s four seasons and avant-garde tango of Piazzolla’s four Porteño seasons. This is one of the most worldwide acclaimed work of Wainrot is a wonderful translation of the power and climates that the music proposes. The dance fusions with the different moods of each movement.

Air condition
The name of the play refers to the core of this aerial dance company. Hanging from special ropes, the dancers represent an amazing history which introduces a new way of dancing and conceiving Buenos Aires tango. Amazing movements on the air and emotion on the ground.

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