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Monday, January 28, 2013


The narrowest house of Buenos Aires City is located in 380 San Lorenzo Passage, in San Telmo, and it’s known as “The Minimum House”. The facade has only 2.5 meters and it was originally built (in a larger size) in 1813. It used to be a traditional house of this old neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The myth says that a free slave lived in the place for many years. The house was reformed many times until acquiring its actual unusual size.

If visiting San Telmo, you should visit the San Lorenzo Passage, between Balcarce St. and Defensa St. The Minimum House (2.50 meters narrow and 13 meters deep) is a marvelous example of traditional civil architecture of the XIX Century. During the sixties of the XX Century, a man called Silvio Bassi bought the house and made most of nowadays marketing for it. Today, the house is a touristic marvel.

In the San Lorenzo Passage you can also find many art galleries, workshops and handicraft artists. In the weekends you can enjoy (or buy) many of this great works. It’s a unique house and a different way to discover San Telmo. This traditional neighborhood is walking distance from our Hostel Colonial, less than 18 blocks.

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