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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Next month, a historic auction will take place in Buenos Aires City. objects which belonged to The Beatles and Argentine football player Lionel Messi will be offered in an amazing auction on April 16 and 17. A week before that, from April 9 to 16, these objects will be exhibited in the Saráchaga House (1248 Juncal St.), only 15 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial. If you love music or sports, this is a great chance to see invaluable objects.

In the exhibition you can see autographed pictures, drawings and even checks from famous musicians and sportsmen, among whom The Beatles and Messi stand out. The star of the collection is the grey suit which John Lennon dressed in “A Hard Day’s Night” movie (the opening price will be around 20 thousand American dollars). There are also objects and belongings from Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones and a Bon Jovi guitar.

Other special object is a handmade drawing by John Lennon and Beatles albums signed by the whole band. There are also autographed pictures by Marilyn Monroe, Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The objects were collected throughout the last 20 years by Raúl Blisniuk, a Guinness Record Latin American collector of The Beatles objects.

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