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Monday, March 18, 2013


San Nicolás is one of the first and most important neighborhoods in Buenos Aires City. It’s the place we usually call Downtown, the heart of our city and the home of our Hostel Colonial. The name was established in 1972 and it’s due to an old chapel located in the corner of Carlos Pellegrini and Corrientes Avenue, in front of the Obelisco. This little church tribute the Italian saint San Nicolás de Bari.

Formerly known as “Catedral al Norte” (north of the cathedral) this area was were the Spanish arrived in 1536. When Buenos Aires was just a small town, the first settlements were made in the streets of San Nicolás. Most of the Argentinian story occurred in this neighborhood.

Among its most famous sightsees are the greatest pictures you can see, take and remember from Argentina: the Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo, the Obelisco and the Colón Theater.

The neighborhood is surrounded by other touristic areas as: Puerto Madero, Retiro, Montserrat and San Telmo, and yes, we are right in the middle of it!  San Nicolás has the older constructions, the most amazing architecture, the historical places and the beauty of the most famous parks. Nobody leaves Buenos Aires without knowing this neighborhood, neither should you. Visit us and enjoy the best hostelling experience in town!

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