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Monday, June 3, 2013


Palermo is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City. It’s the larger one of our city and it has many non-official neighborhoods in it. Almost every person who visited Buenos Aires knows Palermo: it’s beautiful and touristic. More than 16 square kilometers full of parks, restaurants, bars and unforgettable sightsees. Hostel Colonial tells you all about a great place of our city.

There are lots of attractions you should visit: Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods), one of the most beautiful parks of our city, the Japanese Garden, the Museum of Latin American Art, the Planetarium (picture), the Zoo and the Botanical Garden, the Islamic Mosque, the race course, the famous restaurants and design houses alongside Cortázar Square, the Polo field where the most best players of the world play every day, among others.

Some of the non-official neighborhoods in which Palermo is divided are: La Imprenta (close to the race course), Las Cañitas (a restaurants area), Palermo Chico (an exclusive area of aristocratic houses), Palermo Hollywood (north of Juan B. Justo Avenue, full of restaurants and audiovisual producers), Palermo Soho (including Cortázar Square and lots of design houses), Palermo Viejo, Villa Freud (where you’ll find lots of psychoanalysts), and many many more.

You can choose your own way to discover this great place. Here, in Hostel Colonial, we have the greatest tips on Palermo. Ask us!

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