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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


As Argentina is mainly formed by Italian and Spanish immigrants, it’s no news that the importance of those cultures is still a large influence on our own culture. In line with this tradition, fans of Italian culture will be able to enjoy the “Italian Summer” activities during June: theater, music, gastronomy, visual arts, photography and many other great things to enjoy. A month of Italian culture in Buenos Aires!

There will be more than 40 different proposals (many of them for free) including great classical and contemporary Italian artists such as: Uto Ughi, Odino Faccia, Eugenio Bennato, Franco Battiato, Piero Mottola, Pupillo, Francesca Tulli, Sonia Viccaro, Roberto Bricalli and Bruno Ceccobelli, among others. Some recommended activities are:

Theater: “Lamerica” (America), an individual show by Giampaolo Samày and “En la sangre: sueños de agua y desembarco” (In the blood: dreams of water and disembarkation). Both plays talk about the experience of the first Italian immigrants who arrived to Buenos Aires in the XIX Century.

Photography: “El oriente de Pasolini” (Pasolini’s Orient), an exhibition of pictures in the San Martin Theater (1530 Corrientes Avenue), by Roberto Villa. The pictures are taken in 1973, in Yemen and Iran, during the shooting of Pasolini’s “One thousand and one nights”.

Music: Franco Battiato and Bosso-Girotto Latin Mood in La Usina del Arte (501 Pedro de Mendoza St.). An Italian pop artist and a sextet of Italian jazz masters in a wonderful building.

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