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Monday, July 8, 2013


Caballito neighborhood is a traditional middle class area of Buenos Aires City. Its name comes from a weather-vane with the shape of a little white horse (Caballito means little horse in Spanish) located in the square known as Primera Junta, in the heart of the neighborhood. It is a great place to see fine architecture, go shopping a get the cheapest books, comics and CD in Buenos Aires. Hostel Colonial tells you all about it.

There are many sightsees in the neighborhood for you to visit, most of them around Rivadavia Avenue. Here are some you should not miss: the English neighborhood (a square formed by Del Barco Centenera Ave, Pedro Goyena Ave, Emilio Mitre Ave and Valle St); Rivadavia Park (Rivadavia Ave and Ambrosetti St) where you can see the famous old book, comic and CD fair; Primera Junta Square (Rivadavia Ave and Del Barco Centenera Ave), Our Lady from Caacupé Church (Rivadavia Ave and Otamendi St), among others.

The neighborhood is also known for being the home of two centennial clubs: Club Italiano (Italian Club) and Ferrocarril Oeste (a traditional soccer/football club). It is crossed by two subway lines: the oldest one, the A Line (Rio de Janeiro, Acoyte, Primera Junta and Puan stations) and the E Line (Avenida La Plata and José María Moreno stations). Many buses and the west train also pass through Caballito, so it is really easy to get there.

Another curiosity is the old tramway which still circulates as a touristic attraction through its streets (tramways in Buenos Aires disappeared in 1967). Caballito: a great place to visit in Buenos Aires City.

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