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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Buenos Aires City has recently been chosen to represent Latin America in the C40, the organism formed by the world leading cities in climate change issues. In the last years, Buenos Aires has implemented public policies aiming to catch up with the world ecologic tendencies: low consumption street lights, trash collector for recyclable garbage in squares and parks, responsible consumption fairs, among others.

Some of the main actions taken are:

90.000 street lights renewed by eco LED technology (72% of the total)
Traffic lights painted grey to reduce visual impact
Green trash collector to recycle garbage in parks and squares
More than 3.000 kilos of trash collected by the Green Mobile Center
Plan to reduce the use of plastic bags (50% reduction in a year)
LED technology for the 54 street clocks located in the crossing of main avenues
More green spaces and renewal of parks and squares
City waste reduction in 42%
Creation of the MBT plant (Mechanical biologic treatment)

Buenos Aires becomes a greener city and a great destiny to visit and enjoy in a sustainable environment.

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