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Monday, August 26, 2013


Monte Castro neighborhood is not a traditional touristic neighborhood, yet it has that special charm of quiet streets and large green spaces. It named is due to Don Pedro Fernández de Castro who bought these lands in 1703. A couple of centuries later, it became Monte Castro (Mount Castro), a neighborhood famous for a pizza store “El Fortín” and market-cinema on Álvarez Jonte Avenue. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great tour.
Some great attractions of Monte Castro are: “El Fortín”, one of the most traditional pizza stores of Buenos Aires (in the corner of Álvarez Jonte Ave and Lope de Vega Ave); Islas Malvinas Stadium (4180 Álvarez Jonte Ave); Misiones Market and Febo Cinema, both built in a gothic renaissance style (4455 Álvarez Jonte Ave); San Pedro Theater (2052 Bermudez St) and Preventorio Rocca (in the corner of Sanabria St. and Segurola St.), among others.

There are many green spaces as the Monte Castro Square (Gualeguaychú St and Miranda St.); Don Bosco Square (Lope de Vega Ave and Miranda St) and Moseñor Lafitte Square (Hilario de Almeira St and Allende St). Monte Castro is a great place to go for a quiet walk in Buenos Aires City, don’t miss it! 

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