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Monday, September 9, 2013


Núñez neighborhood is located north west of Buenos Aires city. It is famous for housing the largest stadium in our city (River Plate Stadium), home of our National Football/Soccer Team. Much of the area used to be flooded by the River Plate until the end of the XIX Century, when the lagoons were covered and the first houses appeared. Hostel Colonial tells you all you need to know from this great place in Buenos Aires.

The neighborhood has two main squares (Balcarce and Félix Lima) besides a large park between Del Libertador Avenue and the riverside. There are many sport clubs: River Plate (football), Obras Sanitarias (basket), Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires (multiple sports), Defensores de Belgrano (football) and Tiro Federal (shooting), ENARD (Olympic sports), among others.

Among the main attractions of Núñez are: the River Plate Stadium (Figueroa Alcorta Ave and Udaondo Ave), Pepsi Music Stadium (Del Libertador Ave and Crisólogo Larraldo Ave), the “Space for memory and promotion and Defense of Human Rights” (8151 Del Libertador Ave), University of Buenos Aires Campus (Figueroa Alcorta Ave and River Plate), the Chateau Libertador Residences (7000 Del Libertador Ave) and the Saint Francis Church (3581 Arcos St).

You can get to Núñez from our Hostel on the 130 bus line. Don’t miss the chance to visit this great neighborhood!

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