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Monday, October 28, 2013


The Vélez Sársfield neighborhood is located west of Buenos Aires and its one of the smallest neighborhood in our city. Many people, even Porteños, doesn’t know of its existence and believe they are actually in a different neighborhood as Floresta or Villa Luro (two larger neighborhoods limiting with Vélez Sársfield). Hostel Colonial tell you all you need to know to discover this great Buenos Aires spot.

The name of the neighborhood comes from Dalmacio Vélez Sársfield a law man and politician of the XIX Century which wrote our first civil code. Many people think that this neighborhood is actually surrounding the Vélez Sársfield Football Club Stadium, but that stadium is on Liniers neighborhood.

Some of its main attractions are: the Manuel Belgrano Museum (which honors the creator of our flag, in 4906 Saráchaga St), the Che Guevara Square and mural (Ramón Falcón St and Laguna St), the Bandera Square (Juan B. Justo Ave and Belén St), the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (3960 Ramón Falcón St), the “Olimpo” Center (a memorial of the victims of the last dictatorial process in Argentina on Ramón Falcón St and Lacarra St), among others.

You can get to Vélez Sársfield neighborhood by bus from our Hostel Colonial. Many lines will take you there from Rivadavia Ave, just 6 blocks away from our hostel. Enjoy Buenos Aires with our tips!

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