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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Buenos Aires City will build a new exhibition center on Recoleta neighborhood. The building will replace the old exhibition center on Figueroa Alcorta Ave and Pueyrredón Ave and will be connected with a subway station (of the new H line). It will be located in front of the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and will meet the requirements of a sustainable construction of the XXI Century.

The exhibition center will be located underground and will have a large park on top, reconfiguring the public space of Recoleta neighborhood. The old exhibition and convention center will be fully renewed and transformed in a modern underground space with a green corridor that will add up to the green spots of the area. This public park will be a continuity of the surrounding parks (Thays Park and United Nations Park).

The main hall of the new exhibition center will have capacity for more than 5000 people and three different levels, including parking lots. The executive tourism will also be benefitted with this new space. Some of the projected events that might take place in the new center (that will open in 2016) are the Buenos Aires Book Fair and the Buenos Aires Food Week.

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