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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The National Beauty Arts Museum (MNBA, 1473, Del Libertador Ave) presents a fantastic exhibition of one of our greatest comic and drawing artists: Oscar Esteban Conti, known as Oski. The name of the exhibition is “Oski: a crazy monk” and celebrates the centennial of the birth of this Argentine creator. Hostel Colonial tells you all you need to know about the works of the great Oski.

Until November 25th “Oski, a crazy monk” will be the star exhibition of the Museum. Curated by contemporary modern comic master Rep, it includes almost 75 works of the artist born in 1914. Here, you will see some of its first works published in “Cascabel” magazine and some of its most outstanding drawings in the magazines: “Vea y Lea”, “Cabalgata”, “El Hogar” y “Clarín”, among others.

His work is famous for its pure lines -almost calligraphic- in black and white, with a moderate yet significant use of color. There are always details, hatches, with no shadows or volume and a very particular sense of perspective. A unique style you will discover through the works of this great exhibition. Lots of humor and historical references are what you’ll find on its panels. Come and enjoy a true classic in our main museum.

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