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Monday, November 18, 2013


Villa del Parque is a neighborhood located North West of Buenos Aires City. It was founded in 1908 and many years before served as a city agricultural school. It is a quiet neighborhood with a main commercial avenue as Cuenca Ave. Although is a non-touristic place, there are many great things you can see, discover and enjoy if you pay a visit here. Hostel Colonial tells you all you can find in Villa del Parque.

There are two great buildings that make this neighborhood a special one: the Palacio de los Bichos and the Santa Ana Church. The first one (in the picture) is located on 3220 Campana St and its name means “The Bug Palace”. Built in 1910, the legend says it was a gift from an Italian aristocrat to her daughter and his fiancée, who died on the day after marriage under the wheels of the train. The place was closed for years and recently reopened. The Santa Ana Church is located in front of the train station. On 3136 Pedro Lozano St, it was built in 1913 and it’s the only church included in and official neighborhood emblem.

Other great attractions are: the "Aristóbulo del Valle" square, the commercial area on Cuenca St, the San Martín Railroad station, the Villa del Parque Shopping, the Parque Football Club (where many great Argentinian soccer players started playing: Carlos Tévez, Fernando Gago and Juan Pablo Sorín), among others.

The neighborhood counts many famous neighbors throughout its history: writer Julio Cortázar, tango musicians Horacio Salgán, Sebastián Piana and Julio Sosa, Oscar winning actor Guillermo Francella and tenist Gabriela Sabatini, among others. During some years in the seventies, Diego Maradona also lived in Villa del Parque.

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