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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The Buenos Aires City Government plans to improve public transportation and urban circulation on 2014. The axis of these changes is the new Metrobus, a system of separated bus lanes on the main avenues of our city. There will also be restores main train stations. Finally, an extension of Buenos Aires subway and Downtown streets becoming pedestrian, complete a long term plan to increase tourism.

The Metrobus will arrive to the following avenues: Cabildo (Núñez and Belgrano neighborhoods), Paseo Colón (San Nicolás, Montserrat and La Boca), San Martín (La Paternal, Agronomía, Villa del Parque and Villa Devoto).

Once train station will be renewed with new bus stops, LED public lights, pavement and bicycle paths.
The Subway will add three new stations of the H Line (Parque Patricios-Corrientes): Córdoba, Santa Fe and Las Heras will connect it to the D Line. 105 wagons will be bought for the A Line (Plaza de Mayo-San Pedrito).

Downtown Buenos Aires will have new pedestrian streets: Maipú, Paraguay, Suipacha, Esmeralda, Viamonte and Tucumán.

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