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Monday, December 16, 2013


Villa Luro is a quiet neighborhood located South West of Buenos Aires City. Its name is due to the former owner of these lands, Pedro Luro, also famous for owing a large portion of what nowadays is our most famous city on the Atlantic coast, Mar del Plata. The proximity of Villa Luro with the city slaughterhouse made it a popular neighborhood in the beginnings of the XX Century. Hostel Colonial tells you all about Villa Luro.

Some of the main attractions of this neighborhood are: the Holy Heart of Jesus Temple (856 Moliere St), Saint Pio X Parrish (760 Basualdo St), Saint Francis Solano Church (4771 Zelada St), Adolfo Arana Square (Rivadavia Ave and Cortina St), the Vélez Sársfield Football Club Stadium (9200 Juan B. Justo Ave), one of the most famous pizza stores of the city, “El Fortín” (5299 Álvarez Jonte St).

Recently, a trace of Ramón Falcón Boulevard was named “Villa Luro Hollywood” as it remembers the stars of Argentinian cinema with stars on the floor. From Escalada St to Ejército de los Andes Square you can see a large part of the history of our cinema. It´s easy to get to Villa Luro from our Hostel Colonial: you can take the buses 5 (in Local Court House) or 86 (in Plaza de Mayo), just 6 blocks away from our Hostel.

Don’t’ miss the chance to visit this great Buenos Aires spot!

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