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Monday, December 23, 2013


Villa Ortúzar is a beautiful neighborhood in North Center Buenos Aires City. Former Jesuit lands, it was built in 1862 by Santiago Ortúzar who traced the streets and planted hundreds of eucalyptus trees. Also a fan of doves, he had a large dovecote where nowadays is located the main square of Villa Ortúzar, the 25 de Agosto Square. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this beautiful residential neighborhood.

The three main architectural milestone of the neighborhood are: the 25 de Agosto square (delimited by Heredia St, 14 de Julio St, Giribone St and Charlone St), the San Roque Parrish and Institute (1699 Charlone St) and the old English houses (Virrey del Pino St, Forest Ave and Carbajal St).

Other attractions of Villa Ortúzar are: Raffo House (Álvarez Thomas and 14 de Julio St), the San Marino Consulate (Lugones St), the Buenos Aires Central Observatory (3454 De los Constituyentes Ave), the “El Dirigible” blacksmith (1728 Charlone St), “El Mástil de la Bandera” (2800 Triunvirato Ave) and the República de Filipinas Square on Avenida de los Incas Boulevard, among others. It’s a beautiful walk for old and classic architecture lovers, in a quiet green neighborhood.

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