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Monday, December 30, 2013


There are many unknown neighborhoods of Buenos Aires City which preserve the essence of our city: Villa Pueyrredón is one of them. It is a quiet beautiful residential neighborhood with many attractions. The name comes from a train station (former Km 14) named Pueyrredón in 1907 in honor of a politician and military hero. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great place you can visit in Buenos Aires.

Among its main sightsees are: the Alem Square (Artigas Ave and Larsen St), the Martín Rodríguez Square (Pareja St and Helguera St), the “Manzanita” or little apple which is the smallest apple in Buenos Aires (Helguera St, Del Fomentista Ave and Escobar St), the “Nunca Más” Square (11.500 square meters with a large water font in Obispo San Alberto Ave in the cross with Mitre Railroad), among others.

There are many famous Argentinian people who lived or live in Villa Pueyrredón: golf player Roberto DeVicenzo, Argentinian Football Team Coach Alejandro Sabella, tango singer Roberto Rufino, tango dancer Juan Carlos Copes, rock musician Miguel Mateos and humorist Jorge Guinzburg.

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