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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Buenos Aires City Government has an original proposal for summer tour: to see the city from its tops. Buenos Aires Height is a chance to see the whole picture, a beautiful landscape of Downtown Buenos Aires and the main neighborhoods. You will see the tops, the towers, the parks, the people, the colors, the details that make this city a unique place in South America. Hostel Colonial tells you which are the chosen buildings to take a glimpse of Buenos Aires.

The Barolo Palace: the first concrete building in our city and its lighthouse on the top. Located in 1370 De Mayo Avenue, it has a twin building in Montevideo, Uruguay, and a wonderful place to see our main touristic avenue.

The National Library: located on a hill in beautiful Recoleta neighborhood, it offers a view of Del Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta Avenues, the squares and the River Plate. It is located on 2502 Agüero St.

Legislative Palace: located in Downtown Buenos Aires, in 130 Perú St, is a beautiful building where you can get an astonishing view of Plaza de Mayo and the Casa Rosada, among other key places from Buenos Aires.

German Club of Buenos Aires: a restaurant located on 327 Corrientes Ave, it’s a 21st floor in the Comega Buildeing with a great view of Puerto Madero and Retiro neighborhoods. You can also see the River Plate.

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