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Monday, January 20, 2014


Villa Soldati neighborhood is located South West of Buenos Aires City. Founded in 1908 by Swiss Joseph Soldati (also founder of Lugano neighborhood), it is known for housing the Davis Cup stadium (in Parque Roca) and the City of Rock (former entertainment park). The most famous symbol of Soldati is the Space Tower (picture) which can be seen from most of the neighborhoods in the Center South of Buenos Aires. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this great place.
Some awesome attractions are: Parque Roca and the Davis Cup Stadium (Roca Ave and Escalada Ave), the Cristo Obrero Church (3242 Lafuente Ave), Indoamericano Park,second larger park in our city, (Escalada Ave and Cruz Avenue), Our Lady of Fátima Church (2979 Mariano Acosta St), the Premetro (a modern tramway connecting with E line of the subway) and the local football team Stadium, Sacachispas Football Club (Lacarra Ave and Barros Pazos St).

About the Space Tower, the symbol of Villa Soldati, it is also known as the Interama Tower or City Tower. The tower is 200 meters tall, with three view platform at 120, 124 and 176 meter high. It was built in 1981 by architects Totter, Dietrich and Wader. It has two elevators that can carry almost 30 people to the different viewpoints.

It is easy to get to Villa Soldati from our Hostel Colonial: take the E line of the subway in Plaza de Mayo (Bolivar Station) all the way to Plaza de los Virreyes Station and combine with the Premetro to Parque de la Ciudad station.

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