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Monday, January 27, 2014


Villa Urquiza is a traditional residential neighborhood located North Center of Buenos Aires City. It is known for its beautiful streets and squares and the wonderful houses you can see in a walk through any of its streets. In the last years, the neighborhood changed as many buildings were built in the area. Also, last year, the subway B line was extended to reach the main square and heart of Villa Urquiza. Hostel Colonial tells you all about this place.
The Triunvirato Ave is the main commercial area of Villa Urquiza. Also on these avenue is most of the entertainment area and the restaurants and bars. Among the main attractions are the buildings of the Cinema and Theater 25 de Mayo (4440 Triunvirato Ave) and the Parque Chas Cinema (4100 Triunvirato Ave).
Some other great sightsees of Villa Urquiza are: Cinema Theater 9 de Julio (2523 Bauness St), Sin Rumbo tango club (6157 Tamborini St), Sunderland Tango Club (3161 Lugones St), Saint Patrick’s Church (Echeverría St and Estomba St), Jesús Misericordioso Parrish (4755 Rivera St), Our Lady From Carmen (4940 Triunvirato St), Urquiza Square (Bauness St and Nahuel Huapi St), Zapiola Square (Juramento St and Mariano Acha St), among others.

It’s easy to get to Villa Urquiza from our Hostel Colonial: take the B line of the subway (Florida Station, two blocks away from here) to Echeverría or Juan Manuel de Rosas Stations. This great neighborhood is waiting for your visit!

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