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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Buenos Aires City is progressively becoming a green city. In the last years, many initiatives preserving the environment have been implemented. Now, a group of buildings in Palermo are the pilot for a plan of waste sorting. 800 buildings have included two different containers per floor that will separate the wastes in order to collect them properly before being carried to the recycling plants.

“This job requires a great effort of awareness-raising in order to generate a deep cultural change in Buenos Aires citizen. The objective now is to have one thousand building sorting their wastes by the end of January”, said a representative of Buenos Aires City Government. The plan includes the training of doormen and caretakers and the coordination with the neighborhood cooperative which carries the waste to the recycling plants.

These green buildings are now identified in their facades. The idea is to make the neighbors curious about what’s happening with these peculiar spaces. The full plan is due to be implemented in the next three year, where all the waste of Buenos Aires City should be properly recycled. A cleaner more environmental friendly city waits for you!

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