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Friday, January 12, 2007


Make New Friends and Get Answers to Your Travel Questions

Want to find someone else who's traveled to Kathmandu or Zimbabwe? Need information on snowboarding in New Zealand? Or do you want to compare hotels and resorts at Disney World with other people who've been there? There are a lot of great travel research communities on the web where you can do all of this -- and more. I'll just write about four here, to help you get started, but will soon write additional posts on this subject.

For starters, there is, billed as "the ultimate resource for the independent traveler." At this site you can find advice on trip-planning, message boards to post and answer travel questions, and a nice variety of travelogues.

Rick Steves' Graffiti Wall

Many of you are probably familiar with Rick Steves, the author of a slew of guidebooks -- he's especially well known for his "Europe Through the Back Door" books; he also has a TV series and a radio program. Steves' Graffiti Wall is a place where you can share with other travelers on more than 100 topics.

Rough Guides' Travel Talk

Another place where you can post messages, ask questions and get answers, feedback and suggestions from other travelers is Rough Guides' Travel Talk.


IgoUgo is a dynamic online travel community that features "travel journals" from more than two thousand destinations worldwide. You can find message boards and photo galleries here as well.

Dive in and explore these sites! There is a wealth of information out there at the click of a mouse.

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