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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Too many streets to walk. Too many things to see and admire. Buenos Aires, a city of contrasts, a city of extremes. The good, the bad. The beautiful, the ugly. Trends, cool things and bizarre things. The cheap and the expensive. People, a day in their lives. The opulence and the misery. Feelings, love, madness, joy, anger, the best and the worst of beings who wander through a big city.
Buenos Aires as I can tell. Buenos Aires depicted in hundreds of images. The vision goes beyond the doors of Hostel Colonial. It also goes beyond my ability to surprise.
A different approach, my approach. Buenos Aires is my whim, you know. I take pictures with my cameras and my iPhone. A complex act of love and urban hunting.
I´m a businessman, I know, but I have not lost the animal instinct. I love the game of being an urban animal and Buenos Aires is my jungle. I offer images that capture everyday and also I'm looking for on the Internet.
Want to see more Buenos Aires? Porteño´s (are the least dare) or tourist, this is the SITE
All these images have been published in the Tumblelog of Hostel Colonial, every day, many more.

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