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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Scott and Denise knows enough Spanish to ask coins for the bus, They came from the United States a week ago, They say:- “Traveling in Buenos Aires in this tourist bus felt cool”.
It's Wednesday and there are still some places on the top floor of the bus. The tour has 12 stops from Florida St., north to the May Square, in corner with Roque Sáenz Peña Ave.(only 5 blocks walking from Hostel Colonial) to Lavalle Square, through La Boca, Recoleta and Italy Square, Scott and Denise are for the first time in Buenos Aires and for something more the u$s 7 they can stroll through the most colorful sides of the city.
On the bus you begin the tour starting in May Square location of the country public headquarters authorities and demonstrations passing through the building at the government, a building of an academic style, while the tourists draw their maps and trying to locate each point and used to take some photos.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours if no picket or demonstration stops it, a Brazilian tourist who had just bought a genuine Argentine leather jacket in Florida St. this morning asked if this opened the Wax Museum in La Boca and says Brazilian tourists in Porto Alegre. “We have the same system bus tour”. Every 30 minutes the bus makes a stop and the prices and weather are good to take a wonder to the city, they say”, thus taking safety as a first priority so is therefore Brazilian tourists who choose not to take with him to avoid attentions, so out the rings and watches to make a relax walk around the city.
The trip include flyers for preventing swine flu from other, tour operators and more. An argentine citizen (from Córdoba) despite is argentine is at the first time as visitor as many others in Buenos Aires each one with different motives make a space in time for a journey through the city in one of the yellow buses to encounter a very noisy environment.

Bordering the May Square headphones insist that the 12 columns in the Metropolitan Cathedral represent the 12 apostles and on the left we see the flame of Argentina, the next destination will be the Congress because as mentioned them before after that is where the city displays the mythical marches. The route continues over the audio guiding and talking by referring to what the tour offers, but the noise and typical protest in the Buenos Aires streets gets the real attention in the passengers. They say: - “Street protests do not scare us at home are not so many marches, said another tourist, while the tour continues to La Boca”.
According to the latest report of the Buenos Aires Tourism Secretary, the 12.8% are tourists from inside the country, 36% and a little more reach here for family issues and spend an average of u$s 67 per day, but as foreigners spends reach over u$s 140 per day that´s a clear advantage for them is the exchange rate became Buenos Airess a convenient city said with a smile inexpensive places preferred by tourists are Florida St.(one block walking from Hostel Colonial), Palermo and Puerto Madero. The Bus has an assistant who accompanies and explain the trip during the tour, cause in these areas are the restaurants, hotels, and shops that sell leather garments, which are what tourist look for as a souvenir, he explain. "You drive the navy (bus)?". The Ecuadorian tourist stop shooting photos for moment while she fits in her seat, and thinks for a second replying: "Buenos Aires is like my country but with more vivacity. By the way ¿Are we close from Corrientes Avenue?"

(vía La Nación – original text in Spanish)

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