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Monday, July 25, 2011


One of the last redoubts in Buenos Aires where you can still find pure tango essence is the mythical “El Chino” Bar. Located in Pompeya neighborhood, south of our city, on 3566 Beazley Street, the place is proud to call itself “the only bar in the world where tango is sung as 60 years ago”. A bar, a myth and a lot more in a place you should visit if you like tango.

The bar -as the neighborhood itself- seems to be the same as 60 years ago: in Pompeya traditions are preserved. Close to Alsina Bridge, the Riachuelo and cobbled-paved streets, El Chino Bar has the best tango nights in the city. Just 10 years ago, the place was just another bar, one of those places where tango was sung and danced in many Porteño neighborhoods. But the story changed.

In the year 2003, a movie by the same name, gave “El Chino” Bar, a humble common bar, an unexpected fame. The movie recounts the experience of a pure tango night in the bar, as in the 50’s, as every night today. In the place there’s a genuine spirit which gathers all kind of characters: from neighbors who visit it everyday till tourists who want to know a place without customs.

The name of the bar –founded in 1944- is due to its original owner, “El Chino” Garcés, a famous singer who lost his only son and dedicated its life to the bar. The architecture is simple, no ornament, rustic tables, no make up, what you get is what you see: pure, simple, local, as tango. Hostel Colonial recommends you to visit this traditional place any Friday or Saturday night at 9PM.

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