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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today, July 20th, we celebrate Friend’s Day in Buenos Aires. This curious annual celebration is attributed to an Argentine teacher, musician and dentist called Enrique Febbraro, who declared the day the man arrived to the moon as a day to celebrate friendship. He was inspired by the large gatherings this event produced and by the feeling everybody had of being friend of those three astronauts.

This day is an special occasion to celebrate with your friends and a party night in Buenos Aires. All bars and restaurants in the city are full of friends toasting. Many people take the opportunity to gather with friends they don’t see regularly or who live far away. Some others join the habitual group of friends and many prepare a special night out.

The celebration is shared by many countries of the region as Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, while many others celebrate friendship in different dates (usually on the first week of August).Another traditional date is July 30th, due to the World Friendship Crusade, a campaign organized by the United Nations a couple of decades ago. The spirit is: no matter when, the important thing is to celebrate friendship.

If you’re traveling with your friends or you have friends in Buenos Aires you came to visit, don’t miss the chance to join them and toast for the occasion. Hostel Colonial would like to salute the thousands of friends who have stayed in our hostel; and the thousands who are yet to come. For us, a visitor is a friend. Happy Friend’s Day for everybody!

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