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Monday, July 18, 2011


A new cultural project has been launched in the form of a website which aims to gather a virtual net of the Argentine museums. The page Museos Argentinos (Argentine Museums) is a contribution to the awareness-raising of our historical, artistic, scientific and technological patrimony of our country. Now, those who visit us will be able to take a virtual tour around the museums to choose their favorite ones for the real visit.

Museos Argentinos is conceived as an original way of spreading every institution heritage. The website already counts on more than 900 museums: a useful, innovative and fun tool to bring the users closer to art and the world of museums through attractive virtual experiences. It also helps people to know a quantity of pretty interesting unknown museums in our city.

In the “Directory” section, you can visit the tabs “Science & Technology” and “Art & Patrimony” which will guide you through the list of museums ordered by country region. Each one has a short description of the museum and its objectives, the address and the period of time in which you can visit it. In “Schedule” you can see the daily offer of the museums in exhibition that particular day.

On “Interaction” you can see a historical timeline of Argentine art whit full references. Finally in “Built your Museum”, you will find an interactive game which lets you build your own museum, according to your interests and knowledge. A website to know, visit and enjoy which Hostel Colonial recommends you.

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