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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of the oldest notable bars of Buenos Aires City, the Richmond Café (on 468 Florida pedestrian street) has closed temporarily. While an initiative to preserve it as Historical Patrimony of the City is being discussed to avoid its closure, the owners announced its closure. Because of that, many Porteños bet on the chance for the reopening of this great notable bar.

The place was visited by the greatest Argentine writers of the 20s of the past century, as Jorge Luis Borges, Leopoldo Marechal, Oliverio Girondo, and many others of the group called Florida. That was the golden age of the café, when the local bohemia was on the air and the discussion were about avant-garde, cultural renovation and poetic declamations which completed the evenings.

Built in 1917 by French architect Jules Dormal (the same architect who built the last details of the Colón Theater), the Richmond stood still in time until these days. A couple of months ago, economic issue forced the owners to close the billiard saloon on the subsoil and now threaten the café itself. Sometimes lost in the crowd of Florida Street, the Richmond remains a symbol of our history.

A café which represents more than a simple shop: a true Porteño icon, a place full of history and memories that’s worth to preserve.

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