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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Last week (on July 26th) a new anniversary of Eva Duarte de Perón (Evita) was commemorated. In her memory, a mural has been inaugurated in a symbolic building of Buenos Aires City. Located on 9 de Julio Avenue (in the corner with Moreno Street) the former Public Works building, actual Ministry of Health and Social Development is a large part of Evita’s public history.

From this building where the first Argentine TV broadcast was made, Evita pronounced some of its most recalled speeches. Today, on one of the facades of the 93 meters-tall building you can see a picture of the most famous Argentine woman. The work belongs to Alejandro Marmo, a 40 year-old sculptor who works on a project called “Art in the factories” which seeks to transform junk in art.

The visual artist Daniel Santoro, an expert of the Peronist iconography, joined Marmo in the design of the images. The work is made in iron and depicts the image of Evita in the cover of her book “La Razón de mi vida” (The reason of my life). The mural is 31 meters tall and 24 meters wide, weighing 15 tons. By night, the image will be lighted by multicolored led lights.

Besides this image, another profile of Evita is being mounted on the north façade, oriented to the Obelisco, which will be inaugurated on August 22nd (the day Evita quit the vice-presidency). Just 10 blocks away from our Hostel Colonial, two great works destined to become the new Porteño postcards.

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