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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) celebrates its 190 years and opens a great occasion to visit some of its buildings, which are among some of the most beautiful ones of our city. Constructions as the seats of the Faculty of Engineering in San Telmo and Recoleta, the Faculty of Rights in Recoleta, and the Faculty of Medicine in Barrio Norte, among others. Hostel Colonial tells you about the houses of the most relevant university of Argentina.

The Faculty of Engineering (850 Paseo Colón Avenue, San Telmo) is one of the most impressive seats of the UBA. The construction –dated in the 50s- was destined to be the headquarters of Evita’s Social Care Foundation, but the political turbulences finally turned it into an UBA seat. It has a huge façade and two lateral fronts which rest on beautiful Doric styled columns.

Equally beautiful and curious is the seat of the Faculty of Engineering in Recoleta (2214 Las Heras Avenue), the only monumental neo gothic construction in Buenos Aires which was not destined to religious means. Another great architectural example is the Faculty of Rights (2263 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue in Recoleta). It’s a construction which enhances in the large parks of the area. Several events are regularly organized there: discussions, parades, etc.

Finally, another astonishing building is the Faculty of Medicine (2155 Paraguay St., Barrio Norte). It’s located in an area full of UBA seats (Economics, Odontology, and Biochemistry). The façade is famous by its statues, representing Greek figures. The anniversary of the greatest public Argentine university is a wonderful chance to know these architectural exponents.

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