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Monday, October 3, 2011


Argentina has become a Latin American capital for electronic music. Some of the world greatest DJs visit regularly Buenos Aires in massive festivals as the Creamfields or the Moon Park. Now, a global initiative -headed by local DJ Zuker- will gather different urban sound to create a soundtrack for Argentina. Many DJs around the world will be doing the same with their native countries. What are they seeking? Identity through music.

In Argentina, DJ Zuker, famous for its crossover between rock and electronic music, will be in charge of mixing and producing the sounds. These editable pieces will be collected through Facebook until November 21st in If you’re visiting Buenos Aires or any other city of Argentina in these days, you can also collaborate with a special soundtrack.

From horns, pipe noises, whistles, rain, urban fanfares and brooms sweeping the streets to ambulance sirens or any other urban noise you can possibly imagine, everything is accepted. “Every placeand every sound has the capacity to start a party” is the main idea behind the City Remix initiative. The first experiment was made in Hong Kong by DJ Russ Chimes. The result of its production will be presented on December 14th in a special City Remix party.

Who knows, you might even find some interesting noises on our Hostel Colonial to inspire DJ Zuker and become a part of Argentina’s soundtrack.

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