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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In the traditional neighborhood of Barracas there’s a great place for art lovers: the Barracas Circuit. It’s a Communitarian Artistic Project in an old warehouse on 2165 Iriarte Avenue. Since 1996 this place creates and produces shows and theatre performances in its particular space and different public areas. It also offers regularly shows of murga and other traditional folkloric rhythms.

It’s a place where collective and group work find the ground to imagine, embody and produce ideas, foster values and carry out actions that help changing exclusion situations and, at the same time, allows the social capacity of our community to grow and to find new ways of expression. A true synergy among the different actors engaged in the communitarian development.

The development of artistic creations is done in collaboration with the neighbors, bearing in mind and following the line of art as way of social transformation. An annual average of 15.000 spectators attending the presentations is the best presentation card the Circuito has. To visit the place is a marvelous chance to discover a typical Porteño neighborhood and to enjoy art in a different way.

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