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Monday, January 2, 2012


The Buenos Aires Historical Patrimony Direction offers the chance to visit some of the most beautiful viewpoints of our city. This Tuesday January the 10th you can take a new look of Buenos Aires from the Argentine Cars Club viewpoint in 1850 Del Libertador Avenue, Recoleta. A view of the green areas, the Palermo woods, the River Plate, the port and the impressive Barrio Parque.

The program “Viewpoints of Buenos Aires” proposes the progressive rescue of several high spots, buildings and representative construction of different architectural eras. The idea is to take advantage from the different viewpoints they have to see the city from a new angle. The magnitude and the urban growth are some of the things you can appreciate from these exceptional places.

The visit is free, but you have to sign up in a list tomorrow from 9AM to 3PM. You can call (54 11) 4339 1900 and reserve your place. Besides the guided visit to this viewpoint, you can take a walk by the parks which surround Del Libertador Avenue. The building is close to main Recoleta attractions as Plaza Francia and the Fine Arts Museum, among others.

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