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Monday, January 9, 2012


The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art -MAMBA- (350 San Juan Avenue) offers a special exhibition of the Argentine modern painting of the 50s. The works are part of the Pirovano Collection and will be shown until March the 31st. The official name of the exhibition is “Young and Modern from the 50s”. It’s a wonderful chance to approach the basis of the XXI Century Argentine modern art.

These artists expressed the “new realities” of the post war period through the abstract language in their works. The curatorial script is based on a series of works and documents which point to the first breakdowns with the figurative tradition and the radicalization of the concrete avant-garde of the 40s. You’ll find different interpretations of the new art of the 50s and the transformations it brought to art nowadays.

The exhibition is a dialogue of the works collected by Ignacio Pirovano (donated to the Museum in 1980) and other productions belonging to the MAMBA (as those of Juan Melé and the Magariños Art Center). The end of the story is the beginning of the production of Pirovano itself, as he redefined the Argentine art concepts in the early 60s.

If you love art and are willing to know more about Argentine art, you have the chance to visit this exhibition during summertime in Buenos Aires. Also, you can enjoy the fully renew space of the MAMBA (reopened in 2010).

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