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Monday, January 30, 2012


As every summer, the Buenos Aires City Government organizes tango summits in La Boca neighborhood. This meetings traditionally known as “milongas” gather tango musicians and dancers. La Boca is one of the oldest neighborhoods of our city, land of Italian immigrants and sailors in the beginnings of the XIX Century. The old rusty bridge on the River Plate and the colorful ships frame a list of gatherings you can’t miss if visiting our city.

On Vuelta de Rocha Avenue, in front of the traditional street of Caminito, close to Boca Juniors Stadium, the milongas take place. It’s an iconic site for you to enjoy our traditional regional rhythm, recently declared by UNESCO as Heritage of the Humanity. Hostel Colonial brings you the full list of artists which will be presenting the next weekends. Classes and exhibitions for everybody!

February the 4th
Singer: Jairo.
Dancers: Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacuccio.

February the 5th
Singers: Alberto Podestá and Juan Carlos Godoy.
Dancers: Johnatan Spitel and Betzabet Flores.

February the 11th
Singer: María Graña.
Dancers: María Inés Bogado and Sebastián Giménez.

February the 12th
Singer: Amelita Baltar.
Dancers: Mario de Camillis and Bárbara Wainright / Pedro Ochoa and Natalia Almada.

February the 18th
Singer: Adriana Varela.
Dancers: Max Van de Voodre and Solange Acosta.

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