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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The Recoleta Cultural Center (1930 Junin Street) offers an original exhibition of new artistic projects. The name “x200más” refers to the Bicentenary of Argentina in 2010. The idea is to propose ideas for the next 200 years of Argentine art. Until January the 22nd, you can take a look to the new art emerging in Buenos Aires. The exhibition is the final stage of a contest which began almost 2 years ago.

A group of artists decided to organize this contest to celebrate our Bicentenary in a non-traditional way, with different ideas of different disciplines. The main objective was to collaborate among the different specialties and disciplines of art to arrive to new, avant-garde projects. Some ideas are close to reality, some are closer to utopia or even absurd, but all of them are extremely original.

The ambitious goal is to build the basement for the near future of art. “x200más” seeks to erase the differences between theory and practice, to draw a picture for the art to come. It’s a true set of imagination for the next century of art.

For further information you can visit the x200más website.

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