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Monday, March 26, 2012


In 877 Guayaquil Street (Caballito neighborhood) there’s one of the most famous and curious barber shops in Buenos Aires City. The hairdressing saloon “La Época” (the Epoch) owned by Miguel Ángel Barnes (known as “El Conde”, the Count) is not only a classic barber shop but a real museum as well. The place keeps different objects related to the profession from the XIX and XX Century.

“La Época” was declared Cultural Interest Spot by the BA City Government in the year 2000. Of course you can get a haircut there, but the most important thing in a visit is the experience itself. The clients are received by old fashioned dressed hairdressers and sat in old wooden chairs with mats made of Indian rattan from 1899. The seats dispose of an old telephone (out of use now, but necessary for businessmen of those times).

The place is a real barber shop museum, full of objects in the walls and showcases which depict a store of the ends of the XIX Century. As the owners took the interior decoration seriously, there are many other old collectable objects, true antiques, you can enjoy as: a 1910 telephone box, a French piano from 1907, a gramophone from 1887 and an old cash register machine.

“La Época” also offers salsa and piano classes among other community activities you can enjoy if visiting this curious hairdressing saloon and barber shop. It’s really easy to get there from our Hostel Colonial, you can take the subway to Primera Junta station in the A Line.

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